Wedding Services

  Wedding Stages

Setting for stage décor is never complete without every aspect being taken into account. A good stage decoration is very important as it has to maintain the right characteristics to the customer requirements.Well stage is always arranged in order to enhance and compliment the theme of the wedding.
  Hall & Décor

Settings for table décor is never complete without every aspect being taken into account. A good table decoration is very important as it has to maintain the right characteristic to the customer requirements. Well-laid table is always arranged in order to enhance and compliment the theme of the venue. Central floral arrangements, vases, candles or balloon clusters set good quality table cloths are bases for the table arrangements. In addition to this a silver service settings with forks, knives, spoons, plates, glasses fanned napkin give the touch of class to the table layout.
  Ice Sculpture

We can create almost anything from ice that will look sensational. Ice sculptures are one of the most beautiful addition to the wedding and add the extra touch of the class to enhance the appearance of your venue and maximize the visual impact for your guests. There is a wide range of ice sculptures from size to design with additional coloured LED lights that will enhance your setting.
  Fruit Display

One of the most effective ideas in a food décor is a good fruit display. With our highly skilled specialists, fruit carving is an art, which never fails to impress even the most critical of guests. An ordinary papaya is turned into a bouquet of flowers or a large water melon is turned into a beautiful elegant swan. The possibilities are endless with our expertise the results are breathtaking. Apart from being part of an attractive display, the fruit also serves a dual purpose as part of the dessert.
  Floral Arrangement

Floral decoration can provide a prestigious and refreshing enhancement to your event as they are the finishing touches to every occasion. We specialize in arrangement using both fresh and silk flowers in a wide range of colours. We can suggest beautiful and creative design for your wedding bouquet and floral arrangement.
  Crockery & Cutlery

For your cutlery requirements we can hire out crockery and cutlery to suit the occasion. We have wide range of crockery in high grade of china. Table linen and napkins are available in numerous shades and colours allowing you to fully co-ordinate your colour schemes and providing the essential finishing touch.
    Karahi Stands

Our karahi stand with its impressive eight Karahi dish holder, allows a large selection of mouth watering dishes to served at any one time. The karahi stand is a unique centerpiece and as well as displaying food it also allows you to create an intimate atmosphere which holds beautiful floral arrangements on top of the stand with candle holders that are extremely appealing.
  Wedding Cakes

Nowadays cakes are the most important part of every occasion either it is wedding, birthday or as anniversary, without a cake the event is not complete. Gulshan Iqbal is offering you the delicious cakes, which are made with 100% Halal ingredients for your wedding day.
  Waiter Service

With highly trained professional staff Gulshan Iqbal Caterers are proud of the catering market and very reason behind this is our experienced and hardworking staff. Gulshan Iqbal Caterers have several teams of waitering staff to serve you and your guests. If it is a formal wedding function, we can provide waiters. Smartly dressed in co-ordinated ties, whilst the waitress could be traditional sarees on request.


Car Hire

Prestigious cars always becomes the major attraction at the beginning and end of the most of weddings nowadays, at Gulshan Iqbal we can hire prestigious cars for your needs from an executive Mercedes to full stretch H2 Hummer. If you do have a special transport requirement, let us know we will do our best to fulfil all of your requirements, all with a touch of class from Gulshan Iqbal Caterers.


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